Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Making the Best Decision

Have you ever had a difficult decision to make?
Have you ever been caught in choosing where it seems someone will feel hurt?
Have you ever procrastinated hoping someone else would do the 'right" thing so you didn't have to do it?
Have you ever gotten stuck with the job of judging the best way for everyone?

Alone I can do nothing.
Every decision I make must be given to the Source of All Good.

I cannot know what to do or say.
I cannot alone choose what is highest and best for all concerned.
I cannot see through your eyes and mine.
I cannot understand all the past and predict the future.
I cannot keep the world from hurting.
I cannot understand what is "true" for you.

I can only give myself to Love and Loving.
I can only listen within and follow my heart.
I can only honor my inner voice of Spirit.
I can only offer the best that I have.
I can only be right here right now.
I can only trust Truth will prevail.
I can only pray for the highest outcome.
I can only express my part in the Divine Plan.
I can only give all I have for the Good of All.
I can only stay peaceful and present.
I can only keep my self in integrity with my spiritual values.
I can only follow my intuition and trust.
I can only be my authentic self.
I can only create a safe place in which healing can occur.
I can only remember to never quit on Love.

I see there is so very much I can do to stay in Love with you and all.
That is the decision I can and will make over and over.
To love is telling the truth as I see it.
To love is to not only speak Love but to be it.
To love is to laugh at what’s funny and cry when it is sad.
To love is to give my best now and whenever I have what is needed and wanted.
To love is to fill my life with joy and let myself sing.
To love is to forgive everyone and everything.
To love is to let go of control, believing that I can really see and know all.
To love is to offer the goodness in me with all the faith that I have.

I am loving you, when I choose without choosing and let go without losing,
Betty Lue