Friday, June 24, 2005

Good to be Home

(And back to the computer where I can share with YOU!)

Just returned from a trip through the southwest, beginning in Salt Lake City and ending in Albuquerque, NM. I am so very happy to be home to my inspirational life of creativity and service. While enjoying the time with Robert and my mother-in-law Jackie and making brief fun connections with fellow travelers, I was away from the life that fulfills and inspires me. While I loved our beautiful country filled with open spaces and awesome natural wonders on our motor coach ride with 38 mostly retired seniors, it was like a time out of time.

Both Robert and I encouraged laughter when there was critical fatigue.
We celebrated beauty, when there were apparent barren plains.
We fostered playfulness rather than serious conversation about impossible problems.
We invited into the group those who were apparent misfits.
The group bonded, enjoyed, supported and mostly appreciated each other and our journey in spite of the unexpected surprises which required forgiveness and flexibility. It was one big family trip with all the usual dysfunctions to be overcome with Love.
My favorite interactions and memories were of mentoring and coaching and encouraging people along the way. This is what I do and why I am here. I am this wherever I go, whatever I do.

Now about home.
Home is the place where the pieces of my life are woven into a tapestry of wholeness, goodness and love.
Home is where I create simplicity with the basics, so I have energy for creating and contributing.
Home is the space where I am most at peace because I have created a life of support rather than challenge.
Home is filled with Loving Reminders to keep me on path and on purpose.
Home is a reflection of the beauty and goodness and love within me.
Home is time to be with you, and a computer that works easily to send out messages of consciousness.
Home is where I have the conveniences arranged so I can carry on my inspirational lifestyle.

So last night after arriving home at 7 PM, we unpacked, washed and put away our clothes, watered plants, restarted fountains and computer, went grocery shopping and prepared food for today, going to see our twin grand babies, Harper and Lila. We lit candles and turned on our favorite music, read a little and were in bed by 10 PM. We like to be at home when we are "at home".

All in all, I want to say, "This is Our country."
We may be the grandest on earth.
We are certainly fortunate to live in a beautiful spacious land where there is much freedom to be, to choose, to move, to begin again, to live however we like.
Let us each be grateful for what we have been given.
Let us treat our home with respect and love.
Let us care for what is ours for the time in which we are here to enjoy it all.
This is our country, our home and our right place to be.
Appreciate and take impeccable care of what you value.

Loving you, Betty Lue

Sorry I have not had communication with you.
Please call or email now if you want some time with me.