Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Attachment and Specialness

Much of my life has been with non-attachment and willingness to love everyone equally.
"Love the one you are with" has been an effective spiritual principle for my life work.
I have an extensive spiritual family in many states and countries on the planet
And I freely love, serve and remember God and the Goodness in each One.

Spiritual Family and Global Community have been my life work both personally and professionally, starting as a volunteer in my neighborhood being a summer helper for a young mother of a 2 yr old cerebral palsied child and newborn, when I was 10 years old, volunteering with the aged, the mentally retarded children and adults as well as physically disabled in nursing homes, community hospitals and state institutions. Everywhere I loved and learned. I laughed and encouraged. I brought hope and happiness naturally and easily. I looked, even as a child and teen, beyond the suffering and always asked, "What can I do?" I gave freely of everything I knew and all I had. I loved the joy I received from the happiness and comfort given.
To love another is to love oneself.
What is given with the heart is multiplied when received by Spirit.

It was easy to let go, when I knew I had given my all.
I completed "my mission."
I loved with abundance, gratitude, respect and joy.
I loved each one fully and freely.
I withheld nothing.
I did not avoid the stench, the pain, the sorrow, the shame.
I walked fearlessly and innocently into difficult situations even for trained adults.
And when I was done, I knew it was Holy work being done through my hands and my words, my eyes and my heart.
Even though I could not understand, I was at peace.

And now in my life, I have more personal opportunities to do the Holy work for the Good of All.
When I try to make someone special, I get stuck.
When I get attached to the right outcome, I feel worried about someone making a mistake.
When I see myself (Ego) as the cause or creator, I feel fearful and tight.
When I believe the world does harm through faulty legal or medical systems, I am stressed and intense.

I forgive myself for buying into the worldly drama.
I forgive my mind for attaching to fear.
I forgive my self for believing there is something wrong with my loving.
I forgive us all for getting attached to "our way".
I forgive myself for making anyone special 'bad' or special 'good'.
I forgive all judgments, fears, worries, criticisms and hurts.
I forgive, let go, trust Good and let live, so all that is Holy within me and you and All will flourish.
I forgive any withholding of inspired wisdom, kindness, helpful doing and support.
I release and let go. I let go and let God.
Trusting all is in Divine Order, knowing I can and do give my very best in each circumstance with everyone who comes my way.
I know beneath all worldly apparency, all is well.

And so I Am, Loving You,
Betty Lue