Sunday, May 08, 2005


Note: Gone since Thursday. No internet access...So sorry.....Back now, so know I am here and loving you. Betty Lue

Happy Mother’s Day to All

Can you take a vacation from worrying?
Are you willing to have a holiday from fear?
Are you open to going away from your busyness?
What would it take for you to have a retreat from thinking?

Whether meditating, doing what you truly love, being inspired or simply getting away from it all, you can give your self a renewal of mind, body and Spirit.
Just a little time, for me sometimes a deep breath of gratitude, is enough to begin anew.
Ten minutes of silence will relax the mind.
A short catnap of 20 minutes can refresh the body.
A change of scenery or routine can expand your awareness.
A focused work/play time doing what inspires you can bring new energy to your everyday life.
Renewal of your whole self is your sacred right and responsibility to be your best Self.

Vacations are meant to be a refreshing cleansing away of what is stuck, routine, complex and limiting.
Vacations are in invitation to truly revisit your life, to forgive and erase what was and to choose again.
Vacations are a gift we give ourselves in reward, but more for renewed energy to love, serve and remember.
Vacations need not be costly or extravagant in time, energy or money.

You can turn off your phones, computer and TV and simply be in your own sanctuary to enjoy.
You can curl up by a fireplace with a good book, or walk on a lonely beach.
You can prepare yourself your favorite meal with soft music and candlelight.
You can pause each day at a park on the way home, taking time to feel gratitude and love for your life.

This is your life. It is given to you to be enjoyed fully.
This is your life. It is meant to be a reflection of your own inner harmony.
This is your life. It is yours to have and to share as you are guided from within.
This is your life. It is truly your gift to be fully lived with joy and fully given with love.

I live in love. I allow my inner voice to guide me in how I give and live, work and play.
I live in trust. I know that my needs will be provided when I am at peace in the gifts I give.
I live in freedom. I believe I can easily change my direction when I am needed to serve and give.
I live in joy. I am grateful that I am aware of the perfection and natural abundance always present.

I am loving you, as I share love and trust, my freedom and joy.
Betty Lue