Sunday, May 22, 2005

Changing Your Course

Life is a gift of freedom, a journey of choice.
Spirit, the Voice of Joy and Inspiration Within, guides us on a fun, safe and easy life journey.

When we are willing to listen to our inner voice rather than external demands, we experience ease.
When we have learned to respond to the distractions, dependency and directives of others, we will experience the pleasure and pain of an uneven and risky road.

Life can be fun, safe and easy, if we will listen and follow moment by moment our inner guidance.
Life seems serious, dangerous and difficult, when we are trying to heed the rules, limitations, warnings of our external world.

When I first began my spiritual journey of listening and faith in 1976, I believed "the vision I received was what I should achieve."
I stepped over, under and around obstacles and even ignored stop signs and caution indicators.
I found myself receiving harsh wakeup calls with potentially dangerous implications.
I had forgotten to ask again, "Is this path for the Highest Good of All?"

The journey of listening in faith requires a willingness to not know the outcome.
The spiritual journey encourages me to listen for each step along the way.
The journey of Spiritual faith asks that I let go of any attachment and trust in the Highest Good.
The spiritually guided journey requests that I put my faith into the care of an all-knowing and all-loving Presence who sees and knows far more than I can.

I have learned to recognize that life changes.
Finances change, health, weather, people all change.
Even the earth is changing, so I cannot possibly predict the nature of my journey tomorrow.
I must be present with the Divine Presence each step of the way.
The journey with inner guidance is without pain or harm when I trust and follow.
Life truly can be fun, safe and easy.

If I am trying to make my life happen my way, I will experience fatigue from efforting, disappointments from expecting, pain from falling into holes, criticism from running into another's joy or peace, guilt from causing hurt, and fear of future mistakes.
I may be stuck, blocked or thwarted by my feelings and failures in trying to do things "my way."

There is a better way.
It requires that I relinquish being right and be willing to be happy.
It requires that I give up relying on my own strength and knowledge and put my faith in a Higher Power.
It asks that I be still and come to know the God and Good within.
It asks me to learn to trust, to free my judgments and fears of a punitive or judging super parent.
I have learned to forgive all unwillingness and to be totally willing to be guided each step.
I have learned to be grateful for my choice to be a happy willing learner in life.
I have learned to let go with ease and gratitude always trusting what is Good for me will be.

I have learned and loved, and laughed and let go again and again with Gratitude,
Betty Lue

Spiritual Cinema Festival and Holistic Fair is coming up, Wednesday June 1 in Rossmoor.