Thursday, April 07, 2005


What is vacation for you?
How is it different than your everyday life?
How can you live your life like everyday is vacation?

Everyday is meaningful and fulfilling for me.
This is the way I choose my life to be.
Empty moments are full of grace and gratitude.
Full moments are rich with joy and gratitude.
My activities all support the well being of all.
My thoughts are prayers offering blessings of peace.
My words are meant to inspire and heal.
My life is a gift to everyone as my life reflects my love.

Wherever I am, I choose love.
Wherever I am, I choose joy.
Wherever I am, I choose peace.
Wherever I am, there I Am to be a gift of loving service, wisdom and inspiration.

We are going to Maui, as an act of service (and always enjoyment) to be with Gia and her Mom…to bring our granddaughter home after two weeks, so she can return to school and be with her Papa, while her Mom continues her one month vacation from the heavy schedule as resident surgeon. While there, I will be writing the web site, doing the final edit on my two books on Health and Healing and spending time everyday with Gia. There will be adequate time for initiating a new exercise program for myself, doing spiritual visioning and phone coaching with those who call. All in all, I have changed my place of being, but continue with living as usual.

My life is full of whatever I choose, wherever I am.
I have created what works for me to give my best.

I listen within to my spiritual guidance.
I serve those who are sent.
I follow the call each day in everyway.
I flow with what comes and trust it is Good.
I appreciate the blessings of everyday life.
I enjoy doing whatever comes my way.
I am on vacation. I am free. I am fulfilled and at peace.
I truly value my life, my spirituality and myself.

Let today be a vacation for you.
How would you choose differently?
What can you do to more fully enjoy today?
This is YOUR Life, so why not make it Good!

Loving you,
Betty Lue