Saturday, April 02, 2005

Relationship Responsibilities

I am responsible for all my relationships.
I am responsible for how I communicate.
I am responsible for how I resolve conflicts.
I am responsible for my decisions.
I am responsible for my mistakes.
I am responsible for my beliefs and opinions.
I am responsible for the example I set with my own life.
I am responsible for my consciousness.
I am responsible for my feelings.
I am responsible for my health: physical, emotional and spiritual.
I am responsible for my own happiness.

Within personal families and intimate relationships, there is often a learned dependency to heal, fix, create, contribute and take care of each other, rather than a learned independence and nonattached encouragement. Within co-dependent relationships there is a tendency to blame, to use guilt, to expect, to need and lean on one another, when life is not going our way. Co-dependent families use past woundedness and present hurts to explain and justify continued disrespect, judgment and manipulation.

With more maturity and spiritual awareness, we take stop judging and start healing.
We recognize our present choices continue to create our experience.
We realize we are responsible for our own life experience.
What happens to us and for us is not a mistake for someone else to take the blame or to fix.
We know all relationships offer an opportunity to learn and grow, heal and love.
We are here learning to be responsible for ourselves.
We are here teaching others to be responsible for themselves.
When we interfere by taking on others' blame, we encourage their disowning responsibility.
When we feel guilty and try to help others, they do not experience the consequences of their behavior.
We often take away their opportunity to learn how to forgive, change their minds, and choose again.

Taking responsibility for our own present choices is a key to learn to love, listen and let go.
The past is gone. It can be erased, released and forgiven.
I choose to be wholly present and responsible for my choices in all my relationships today.
I am here to respond with highest and best I know for everyone at all times.
Only my errant thoughts and limiting beliefs keep me stuck in feeling blame or guilt.
I am trusting, honest, accepting, patient, kind, joyful, defenseless, open-minded, gentle and faithful.
I am confident in the power and presence of Love within me.
Everyone I encounter is a living reminder, a member of my global family and a reflection of my Self.
Everyone I encounter deserves the best I have.
I listen within to know how to respond and for whom I am to stop and serve or bless and move on.

I am responsible and able to respond with Love,
Betty Lue

From April 7-18, I will be traveling so loving reminders and email may be intermittent.
If you need to reach me, call my voicemail at #800-919-2392.
You are a significant member of my spiritual family. You matter to me.
Loving you,
Betty Lue