Sunday, April 17, 2005

Questions For You

As I have been doing some book editing and putting together my new Creative Solutions web site, I am wondering about my primary teachings. I want to be clear about both the spiritual or inspirational guidance of loving reminders and Reunion Ministry and also the practical reminders found in Creative Solutions, Coaching for Inspired Living, Effective Leadership and Whole Life Success.

Perhaps you can help by giving me some feedback.

I believe my primary spiritual teaching and counseling emphasizes:
Listen to Spirit Within.
Give the Love You Are.
Forgive all judgments.
Trust all things work together for Good.

I believe my practical Creative Solutions Coaching teaches:
See and believe in yourself and the infinite possibilities within you.
Do what has heart and meaning for you. Live what you value.
Be grateful and celebrate the life you have created. Enjoy your life.
Rest assured that you can heal, forgive, let go and choose again.

***Let me know what you have received from my counseling, coaching and writing.***

Thanks for your love, support and encouragement.
Betty Lue

We are on our way home today. Looking forward to our ordinary and extraordinary schedule and being with all of you again. It is simpler when our home base is set up to support our sacred work.