Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Path of Moderation

As I return to the mainland and my home base,
I recognize how I utilize breaks and changes in routine to recognize the many gifts of my life.

Where I see need for change, I make those changes with respect and ease.
Where I have been taking for granted, I pay attention and give appreciation.
Where I am incomplete, I take time to finish with respect and love.

I am once again aware of how this world seems to be focused on extremes rather than moderation.
Perhaps in reaction to the fear of boredom or ordinary living, many choose overdoing and extremism.
Obsession, compulsion, risks, crises and catastrophes seem to be the way our sleeping humanity chooses to arouse itself into awareness and learn the lessons of life.

It is possible to learn simply by looking at what is and asking simple questions about values.
It is easier to make changes when they are small refinements in the current circumstance.
It is more effective to readjust your course with minor corrections rather than sharp turns.
It is healthier and more effective to make moderate choices than extreme ones.

We are here learning to find and refine our life path so that we live joyfully and abundantly.
When you are about to make a change, ask yourself to look for gentle and respectful ways.

Rather than quitting your job, can you change your attitude or your situation on the job?
Rather than changing your home, can you make improvements or clear the clutter?
Rather than changing your partner or spouse, can you treat yourself and the other with respect?
Rather than change your external situation, how can you change your mind about it?
Rather than withholding your truth to avoid misunderstanding, how can you communicate more effectively?

Often we benefit from a coach or counselor who helps us answer these and other questions which lead to more moderate solutions and improvements in our life experience and relationships.

I choose the life I have.
My choices are good for me.
When my choices are no longer good for me, I easily and gently make moderate and appropriate changes.
I most easily change my perspective, my attitude and my communication.
Changing myself is my right and responsibility.
Treating myself with gentleness and kindness teaches others how to treat themselves, me and others.

Choosing the path of moderation for the highest good of All.
Betty Lue

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