Saturday, April 09, 2005

Family Healing

Every relationship is for the purpose of healing.
Healing is the return to wholeness.
Healing is the remembrance of our intrinsic holiness.
Healing is realizing we are all created by Love as love for the purpose of Loving.
Healing is remembering Love and returning to Wholeness.
Healing is forgiving everything that is not Love.
Healing is the awakening to our divine Purpose.
Healing is freeing ourselves and others to be the Love we are.
Healing is trusting the process of the return to Love.

Our families, our relationships, our friendships, even our chance encounters, are all for this Holy Purpose.
Therefore, wherever we are and whatever we do, it behooves us to remember what is True.
I choose to remember with each relationship.
I choose to honor each as a holy encounter.
I choose to own my part is to remember.
I choose to value the awakening.
I choose to clear my own judgments.
I choose to be wholly present.
I choose to be the loving reminder.

You are my family.
You are my reminder to Love.
You are my reason for being.
You are my awakening encounter.
You are giving me the opportunity to heal.
You are showing me what I need to forgive.
You are a gift of love waiting to be received or a call for love waiting to be loved.

I love this life of healing.
I am inspired by every relationship.
I am blessed to remember what is truly valuable.
I celebrate and fully enjoy the life I have chosen.

Loving you,
Betty Lue