Saturday, March 26, 2005

Your Symbolic Easter

What have you persecuted and crucified in yourself?
What have you laid within the tomb of your unconscious mind?
What needs to be resurrected and rise again to live forever?

Are you a miracle worker?
Have you loved unconditionally?
Have you allowed your Love to show?
Do you teach others of their Worth?

Within you lies everything good and true, miraculous and beautiful.
Within you are the hymns of the ages and the wisdom of the sages.
Within you lies blessings for the aged and healing for the sick.
Within you are gifts of inspiration and meditations for the mind.

You are prophet and mystic, sacred story teller, hands on healer, loving reminder and friend to strangers.
Your resurrection is remembering to let go of everything that tells you this isn't so.

You see, we are all created by the same Creator with the same Holy purpose:
to Love one another as our Creator loves us.

You are given the Way, the Truth and the Life you have.
Listen and follow.
Receive and give.
Learn and teach.
Thus we keep the flow of Goodness and Love alive in the hearts and minds of humankind.

Whatever you name your Creator-Divine Mother, God or Goddess, Higher Power, Universal Wisdom, Divine Mind, Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, Infinite Intelligence or DNA, we are here by the grace of this power, created in the likeness and image of this All Good, All knowing and Ever-present Holiness.

We are created as LOVE and LIGHT for the holy purpose of sharing this Love and Light.
We are each one, a holy Reminder.

Meditate on these things and……
Let this be your Easter

Loving you, Holy,
Betty Lue