Sunday, March 20, 2005

It is Spring!

How can you plant new seeds in an unplowed field?
What is not forgiven and undone will seed the weeds in tomorrow's harvest.
What can you expect from life, if you never let go of what is spent and finished?
This season invites you to plow under last year's experiences and plant new possibilities.

It is time for you to vision.
It is time to forgive the past.
It is time to finish all unfinished projects or let them go.
It is time to clean house.
It is time to breathe deep.
It is time to marvel at the beauty.
It is time to expect miracles.
It is time to let go of weight and waiting.
It is time to take a fresh look at life.
It is time to celebrate how much you have learned.
It is time to enjoy your creative Spirit.
It is time to turn to the light and de Light.

This is your Spring.
This is your rebirth.
This is your opportunity to begin again.

If you are having trouble letting go,
Seek spiritual counseling to help you forgive and see things differently.
If you are having difficulty finding your purpose and vision,
Seek inspirational coaching to discover your authentic Self and Life Purpose.
If you are feeling lazy, lethargic and depressed,
Seek personal training to encourage healthy eating, stress reduction, moving freely and happy living.
If you are lonely and need friendship, offer your listening, loving and help to those you know.

Spring is a gift of hope.
Spring is a gift of Joy.
Spring is a gift of wonder.

Appreciate the gift.

Loving you,
Betty Lue