Monday, February 28, 2005

Why Forgive?

“Are there really people out there who keep on forgiving and giving no matter what someone does?

People do things. We hurt ourselves with our judgments, fears and decisions about what was done.
We experience hurt by carrying building resentment, fear, grief, disappointment and defensiveness.
Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves to free us from the negative effects of the experience.
Forgiveness is our tool to heal and clear ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually.
We do not need to live in “victim” consciousness. We can choose again.
We do harm to ourselves by shutting down our love, our dreams, our Spirit.
We do harm to ourselves when we worry, defend, put up walls and decide to “never love again”.
Our own choices become the unhappy prison in which we live.

No one has power over our choice to Love.
We can choose to be free even in prison.
Love is our freedom. Love is our natural state.
Love is life itself. Love is our reason for being alive.
Without loving, we limit our life energy, our happiness and our purpose.

When we make a choice to love someone who acts unloveable, unworthy or difficult,
we take on a healing project. People are either loving or calling for love.
Loving does not mean we owe the loved one our lives, nor do we need to live with everyone we love. Healing assignments call us to love unconditionally those who feel unworthy of being loved.
It is our work to love no matter what. Even when that personality rejects our love, forsakes or betrays us, divorces or dies on us, we can continue loving, as our gift to ourselves and our soul purpose to Love. Often Loving is best done from heart to heart, without engaging the personality or interacting.
We may find ourselves in relationships, in which we are not meant to marry or live with the person.
This is the journey of those learning to love everyone without seeking specialness or desired outcomes.

Forgiveness is letting go of our expectations or attachments to what we wish would have been.
We can forgive ourselves for setting ourselves up for disappointment or disillusionment.
There are many myths about love.
We may believe we are to wed or live happily ever after.
We may believe we will be loved in return, if we love enough.
We may hope our love will change the other person.
All conditional loving is a prelude to disillusionment, disappointment and disagreement.
We are here to learn to love without attachment, without expectation, without neediness, without judgment and fear.

Everyone has their own soul’s journey.
Everyone has areas of wounding and needed healing.
Relationships are for the purpose of healing.
It is forgiveness and love that heal.
When we are aware of loving without judgment, we heal ourselves as well as the other.
It is through forgiveness that we come to love again.
Since our holy purpose is loving, we shut down our life force when we limit our love.
When we open to love all equally, we feel fully alive and return to love without fear.

The more I love fully and freely, the happier, healthier and more creative I Am.
The more I love others without conditions, the more I am healed and free to love all equally.
The more I love others, the more they are healed by Love and feel safe to Love in return.
There are no guarantees in life about the behavior of personalities.
The only guarantee I know is that Love heals.
Therefore I choose to love no matter what.

I encourage you to experiment with loving and notice how you feel.
Loving you, Betty Lue