Saturday, January 29, 2005

Mistakes, Problems, Upsets

All difficulties are opportunities to learn.
All challenges are chances to be faith-filled and creative.
All negative experiences are wakeup calls to see things differently.

To answer your unasked questions…
Yes, I have experienced hurts, failings, unhappiness, pain and problems.
I do not talk about them, because that recreates what is past.
Every time I tell a negative story, I return to that mental and emotional state.
Each time I give you a painful picture (to which you may relate, I strengthen that experience in us both.
When I offer you the opportunity to read old news I plant a picture in your mind which is not best for you.
What I share with you needs to be what I want to experience, so that I can create a positive vision.
When I share what I want you to believe about me and my life, you believe it and co-create with me.

Upsets are wakeup calls, inviting me to see where I am off purpose and to choose again.
Difficulties are opportunities to strengthen my belief in goodness and harmony, forgiveness and love.
Problems are opportunities to come to peace and create with trust in the Highest Outcome.
Mistakes are invitations to see what works and let go of what no longer works.

My life is my teaching device.
My life represents what I am learning and what I am teaching.
My life is a loving reminder for myself and all I know.
My life is an open book for you to see the part of you that I AM/
My life is a gift to be given for the awakening and inspiration of All.

My Mom continues to express and live an effective philosophy.
“It is against my religion to worry or fear, to be angry or upset.
It is a waste of time and energy and accomplishes nothing.”
My Maternal grandmother said of her life, “There is a manure pile on our farm, but we would never put it in front of our picture window.”
And I would say, “Being present with gratitude and praise for the blessings that already are fuels my life with joy, peace and love.”

Difficulties, yes, but they are briefly experienced.
I usually wake up easily and without upset.
I set my intention to find and live in peace and happiness for the Good of All.
And so I do. And You can too.
Loving you,
Betty Lue