Sunday, January 23, 2005

Creating Unconsciously or Consciously

The beginning of this year was letting go of the reins, living out of time and space, being out of touch and allowing circumstances to lead my life. We went on a cruise as guests of my 80 year old mother-in-law. While I didn’t feel in alignment, I had made prior commitment to support her sincere desire and gift. (There were many hints of being “off purpose”. Cruise line Booked us on separate flights , seated us at different times and tables for meals, cabins on different floors and opposite ends of the QE2.) All trip details were corrected with focus and sincere gratitude.

Two days prior to leaving, my email server blocked me from sending out group emails, so I had no way to communicate with you.
We worked diligently to no avail. And still no group email. Ugh!
When I arrived home I discovered all #800 calls had been erased by the voicemail/pager system.
My web site had been erased and said “Under construction”. Was put back together two days ago.

No blame and no guilt and full responsibility.
I rely on my ability to forgive all things and respond with trust, creativity and love.
I bless my learning and letting go.
I bless you for loving, laughing and remembering with me.
I bless my conscious choices and trust this is the year to take the reins of my vehicle.

2005 is a “7” year.
The 7 year is about exploring, experimenting and letting go of whatever distracts, detours and delays us living our purpose fully and freely.
I am a happy willing learner.

There always are ways Spirit uses our Presence and our apparent “miss-takes”.
I now know I am not a “cruiser”. No alcohol, no partying, no longer dancing for Robert, no communication access and no desk to write.
I prefer space, freedom, quiet and focused conversation. We brought our Light and Delight to our exceptional tablemates and our fantastic serving staff. That was fun. Also I went to an Indian Village in Panama up a river in a dugout canoe with the chief and felt spiritually connected and very appreciative of their simple connected lifestyle.
In other words, I have returned with a renewed commitment to listen within for all things, to appreciate my conscious connection with you and to give myself to my life purpose with inspired appreciation for All I have to share.

Current state today:
*Working on creating a new way to connect via internet so I have email access for Loving Reminders when I travel.
*Building two other websites to ensure continuation of my work-one for marketing and one for Reunion Ministries.
*Off to Successful Church Leadership at Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA this week. 1/24-27.
Will use for visioning and development of my life action plan. I Intend a very focused coming two weeks.
*Next Week Feb. 2-4 Lead Like Jesus Facilitation Training in Sad Diego to be certified to offer training workshops and retreats for business and church leadership in leadership effectiveness by empowering those we serve.

Most of my programs begin early February.
I will be traveling to Michigan and Indiana for workshops March 10-13.
Call or email if you want a current copy of my schedule.

Know I am always with you in Spirit , beyond time and space and words.
Nothing can interfere with my love and respect for you and your whole and holy life.
We are gifts to one another. This cannot fade or be undone.

Always and forever loving you,
Betty Lue