Thursday, December 30, 2004


Just as with everything, what we perceive is based on our judgments, our fears, our beliefs.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the Light of God shining through.
When we see with eyes of fear and anger, we see the devastation, death and despair.
One way of perceiving will energize us into loving activity.
The other perception may depress us and send us into anger toward God.

Only Love is real.
Everything else is illusion.

When the mind of humanity stepped away from the unchanging and Eternal Love of God,
we began to see, to experience, to interpret, to perceive “not Love” or the apparent absence of Love.
With the experience of “no love” or lack of God, we are called to remember Love, to trust in God, to have faith in Good and experience the miracle of Love. When we see what is called a dis-aster, we can ask “Why did this happen?” or “What is causing this?” or “How could a loving God let this happen?”.
What is the root meaning of that word “dis aster”? “Lack of stars” someone with Latin training can give me the origin.

My spiritual experience and inner listening tells me that God does not inter-fear with our choices, projections and miscreations. Just as loving parents allow their children to learn from the natural consequences of their actions, so our Infinite Parent allows humanity to experience the results of our creations. How else can we learn? And what can I learn? What can I do? How can I respond with Love?

Each one of us is given the opportunity to choose again. I choose not to take on more fear for them, for the earth or for myself. I Betty Lue, choose to respond with Love and appreciation. I am a willing learner. I am open to holding the Light and sharing my gratitude and Love for those who walk this Earth with me and those who make their transition. I do not hold one field of possibility or “reality” better than any other. I do not see this worldly life as being the Best or something to cling to as what is Real. I imagine a loving Creator that loves through Good times and Bad. I see myself as extending Love and Faith without ceasing. I send my prayers and faith in the Goodness of humanity to grow and learn better how to love and care for one another and for our planet through all times of struggle and hardship as well as gentleness and ease.

Some questions I ask:
How are we valuing our planet Earth?
How do we listen to what nature is telling us?
How do I respond when someone I know is ill or depressed?
How do we see those in other countries, as part of our human family or separate?
How do we see our neighbors and those in our own community?
What am I called to give when a charity or homeless person asks for a donation?
How am I my brother’s keeper or family member with everyone on the planet?
What part am I called to play when there appears to be crisis on the planet or in someone’s life?
What good does prayer, affirmation, inner listening do?

When we forgive our fear and emotional reactivity and withholding and respond with Love, our perception and experience is transformed as if by magic. We are enlightened and encouraged and empowered by the enlightened possibilities in our minds and the healing and all-embracing Love in our hearts.

Who can you reach out to today?
How can you help there be Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward all creation?
What can you do right now?
Your consciousness, your choice and your Love in action makes a mighty difference.

Loving you in your Loving All,
Betty Lue

Remember even if you don’t agree, you can look and see what is deeply and profoundly True for You.