Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Completion and Closure

To move on to the New Year with open-minded vision and happy focus,
We must complete the year 2004 with forgiveness, gratitude and blessing.

Honorable closure with appreciation in our hearts and peace in our minds opens the door to experiencing the highest and best possibilities in the coming year.
When we resist, avoid or want to rid ourselves of what was,
we often take the past with us as ghosts, shadows or unconscious baggage.

To be awake is to learn from everything.
To be forgiving is to find the gift and offer our blessing.
To complete is to receive with gratitude what was given and received.

Selective perception sees with forgiving eyes.
Selective memory remembers what is good and whole and true.
Selective vision sees only the wholeness and holiness in all things.

Questions to be answered:
What have I given?
What have I received?
What mistakes have I made?
How can I make amends?
What have I learned?
Where have I been challenged?
What can I forgive?
How have I grown?
What have I let go?
What am I called to bless?
How am I called to live now?

Our greatest gift is to give our very best to everyone in all circumstances.
What is your very best?
How can you remember and support yourself in giving what is truly best for you?

This coming year is a year of change, healing and transformation.
How can you use your life as a happy willing learner to give your very best everyday to everyone?

Loving you and me as One,
Betty Lue