Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Off Purpose or Needy?

Whenever we are critical, belligerent, afraid, depressed, doubtful, unhappy, we are needy.

We need to remember our purpose and live it.
We need to stop judging and comparing ourselves and others.
We need to ask for help and allow ourselves to receive.
We need to let go of old memories and resentment.
We need to stop feeling guilty.
We need to take better care of ourselves.
We need to admit our mistakes and ask forgiveness.
We need to open up and love more.
We need to move on down the road of life.
We need to cease allowing ourselves to be in a toxic environment.
We need to be grateful for what we have.
We need to express our natural joy and creativity.
We need to acknowledge our neediness.
We need to relax our need to control and get our own way.
We need to undo negative habits and addictions.
We need to learn more and teach more love and respect.
We need to take responsibility for our thoughts, our feelings and our behavior.
We need to stop our behavior, respect our situation and listen within for direction.

I see my more negative emotions as wakeup calls.
They are teaching me to stay conscious, be responsible and choose again.

Loving you and me to be free,
Betty Lue