Monday, November 29, 2004

Do You know How to Be Happy?

It dawned on me this morning in the shower that I know how to be happy.
As I was up at 2:45AM getting ready to be with Gia (one hour’s drive from here) and spend the morning in her classroom helping…that I know how to be happy everyday, but you may not.
I remind you often about choosing happiness, as though you practice happiness everyday like I do.

Alas, there may be a mystery to some about how to be happy and how to sustain happiness.
A friend of mind Rhonda Hull has written a fun book, “Driving Yourself Happy”.
I will be offering a 12 week program this winter on the many “Paths to Happiness”.
There are many philosophies and programs that invite humanity to find happiness.

If you have never known true happiness, it would be difficult to cultivate the path to being happy.
If you have been happy and lost it, you may be feeling discouraged and doubtful about sustaining it.
If your happiness is dependent on outside circumstances or people, you may fear losing it.
If your happiness is conditional on what you have accomplished and how you feel, you are at risk.

Happiness is a choice, a preference.
Happiness is an attitude, a state of mind.
Happiness is the conscious choice to love and trust no matter what occurs.
Happiness is being grateful for what you have, rather than focusing on what is missing.
Happiness is experienced with inner peace.
Happiness is loving you and life and all creation.
Happiness is having no judgments, and living with acceptance of what is.
Happiness is recognizing the adventure and learning opportunities in life.
Happiness is appreciating the beauty and miracles all around us.
Happiness is being grateful for the simple blessings of everyday life.
Happiness is letting go of bitterness, pain, judgment, guilt and resentment.
Happiness is clearing from heart and mind what limits, criticizes and scares us.
Happiness is consciously choosing the best thoughts and activities for ourselves everyday.

Happiness is not the choice of those who despair never finding lost happiness again.
There are those who prefer to remember hurts and disappointments to protect and defend themselves.
There are those who experience innocence and happiness as dangerous states of mind.
There are those who fear the judgment and jealousy of others who are unhappy.
There are those who believe growth only comes through trial, pain and suffering.
There are those who find comfort in the familiarity of depression, anger and self-pity.
There are those who find their thoughts and emotions lead them into despair.
There are those who simply are unwilling to take responsibility for the choice to change.
There are those who are too lazy to clear the habit of unhappy thinking and feeling.
There are those who seem to prefer to belong to an unhappy culture.

Happiness is a spiritual practice.
Happiness requires an investment of time and energy.
Happiness is available to all who listen and watch for goodness and love.
Happiness is an invaluable gift of life given to everyone, but only received by a few.
Happiness is here for you right now, no matter what your circumstances.
Your choice is your right and responsibility.
So choose the best you know for you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue