Monday, November 22, 2004

Feeling Lethargic?

Sometimes the ways we feel is a result of what we eat.
Sometimes it is the result of our judgments and fears.
Sometimes it is the outcome of our activity or inactivity.
Sometimes it is a request for a change.
Sometimes it is merely a momentary wakeup call.
Sometimes it is merely a weather change to be accepted and appreciated.

Our feelings are a wakeup call, inviting us to choose again for what we value and what we envision for ourselves and our world.

Life is like a strand of pearls, each one a choice to give voice to what matters to us.
For when we choose, we give ourselves the opportunity to see our creation.
What we see is a gift to be appreciated, or a mis-creation to be forgiven.
Whatever we experience is a call to take responsibility and to choose for what we value.
Vision is your gift. Look toward what you want to be.
Forgive and erase what is behind you.
Release your judgments and your fears.
Clear your vision to see what you choose to be.
Then step forward in faith, love and appreciation for what is.

Live each day with value and vision.
Betty Lue