Saturday, November 27, 2004

Family Rights and Responsibilities

Parents, grandparents and children have different functions and roles to play.
Parents are the role models and teachers of the highest order.
When parents fall into unconscious habits of disrespect or irresponsibility, children learn.
Parents’ responsibility is to respect themselves and their children with their thoughts, words and behavior.
Getting drunk, swearing, being mean or abusive is not respectful.
Squandering money, gossiping and talking negatively is not respectful.
Hurting other’s feeling, rejecting, scaring and offending family members is not respectful.
Teasing, manipulating, intimidating and controlling others is not respectful.
Talking about children in hurtful ways is not respectful.
Behaving in ways which are not what you want for your children is not respectful.
Treat children the way you want to be treated…with love, dignity and respect.

Our children are watching adults on TV, in stores, at work and especially at home.
What they see, they learn is acceptable behavior.
What they hear, they believe is acceptable language.
What they feel, they believe is normal.

Children are meant to be happy and healthy and carefree.
Children are meant to dream, to explore, to play, to learn and to take responsibility for themselves.
Children are meant to live in a world of safety, belonging, confidence building and success.
Our children are our greatest investment in our future.
They must be considered in all we do and say and create.

If what the adults do causes emotional or physical pain, the adults need to choose again.
If adults are imposing their will on others, children learn to do the same.
If children are ignored, they feel diminished in value.
If children are talked about as though they were not present, they feel invisible.
If children are presented with conversation that is inappropriate, they feel confused and frightened.
Respect within a family grows from listening first and responding with kindness and consideration.

As an elder in our society, I am aware that my voice may be meaningless to those who disrespect elders.
As an elder I am aware that my wisdom and spiritual guidance may be deemed outdated and irrelevant.
As a sage, I am aware that my thoughts and words may be dismissed by those who need to be correct.
This I understand and accept and give my peaceful blessing.
However, wherever I am invited, requested and welcomed, I share that which I know, I see and feel.
Thus I am valuing ageless wisdom, myself and those which whom I commune.
And where I Am in relationship with anyone, I continue to give the best I know, in thought, word and deed.
And this is Good.

Loving you with a heart that is true,
Betty Lue