Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Dark Before the Dawn

Have you ever noticed that right before the coming of the light seems to be the greatest dark?
Have you noticed that before your birthday you may experience an emotional melt down?
Have you been concerned about the anxiety before a big event?
Have you seen how obstacles may arise before you embark on a new adventure?

Some see this as egoic resistance.
Some believe there is pre-miracle anxiety.
Some find that clinging to the past keeps us resisting the future.
Some experience the chaos that occurs when great changes are imminent.

You may find that we as a nation are becoming more restrictive, protective and ruled by fear.
You may find that there is economic, health and political crisis and concern.
You may find that there is an diminished hope and more talk of the “end times.”
You may find that there is increasing polarization, righteousness, and hostility.

Perhaps this is merely the sign of something healing in the wind.
Perhaps we are truly about to enter a new age, the Aquarian Age.
Perhaps we are almost ready to take a leap of faith and awaken.
Perhaps we are being invited to get ready for a surprise, a miracle, a transformation, and rebirth.

I prefer to look for the dawn.
I prefer to expect miracles.
I prefer to envision a holy outcome for the Highest Good.
I prefer to trust in creating what is Good, Beautiful and Holy.

Join me in being ready.
Prepare Ye for the time of Awakening is at hand.

Here in Love,
Betty Lue