Saturday, September 18, 2004

Vision for Community

True Community is a family, partnership, business or group that provides a safe place in which each individual is respected, is responsible for their contribution and cooperates for the good of the whole. Community = coming together as One.
I have known true community in all these circumstances. I know it is possible where there is trust and freedom, as well as a willingness to communicate and learn together.

As a community and team builder, coaching couples, families, churches and business partnerships, there are several keys and building blocks for success. While I will explore some specific tools, know that each community requires healing its own areas of dysfunction and unconsciousness and strengthening its unique values, and vision, function and focus.

Keys for Successful Relationships (Community)

Common Goal or Vision. There is agreement within the group as to where the community is headed (desired outcome).
Some goals for communities (families)- to service and contribution, to comfort and financial stability, to successfully raising one’s family, to providing a home of faith, to increasing one’s economic strength in the market place, to bringing more people to God.

Honesty. There is open communication with no withholds, secrets or gossip. Everyone shares the truth they know to provide a bigger picture of the whole. Community members seek for the highest form of truth that is constructive, helpful and benefits the greater whole.

Equality. Everyone is encouraged to share the best they have regardless of age or ability. All contributions are received with respect and gratitude. Equality is non-comparative and comes from the intrinsic worth of each individual.
Commitment The community members commit to what is for the highest good of all, rather than simply their personal needs .
Letting go is an act of love and trust, when it is for the good of the community. Agreements are changed openly, as changes are required to maintain the greater good. When one loses, all lose. When one wins, all win.

Responsibility. The ability to respond to whatever life and relationships bring is increased by taking impeccable care of oneself. When the members are committed to the greater good, they each take responsibility for any unconscious or conscious error of omission or commission. Each is capable of responding with forgiveness and understanding, education and wisdom, helpfulness and service, encouragement and inspiration. Each one care for everyone.

If you have known successful viable community, family, marriage, business or partnership, it is far easier to learn and grow in building true community. If you have never known what works, much is learned through trial and error with happy willing learners. With those who are unwilling, unhappy, or stuck in dependence or self-sufficiency, creating true community will be difficult and discouraging. For success, always assess the potential of the current circumstances and participants.
Be honest, clear and affirming. If those who join you are unaware or unwilling, it is time to choose again.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue

I am in Kalamazoo Michigan September 23-27 officiating a wedding, a Reunion Ministry Reunion, Coaching with Spirit Weekend Workshop and a Reunion MasterMind Gathering. Much fun for all.