Friday, September 10, 2004

How do I live my vision and find my way home, when I love others who don’t support my choices?

If you look at your whole life, see how you are not willing to follow the Spirit of God in your heart.
When you look at your life, you may see times you have taken the steps to follow and judged you made a mistake. You may see how your fear of making another mistake is interfering with your inner knowing and willingness.
You may see how you have spent much of your life blaming and/or waiting for others to take you or lead you or hoping they would take the risk for you.
You may see that you are more concerned about how it looks to others than giving others your Godly example to follow.

When the world is going in the wrong direction, it is Christ that leads us in the right direction. The one who follows God never fits with the worldly path.
God asks us to be willing to listen and follow.
Ego is constantly doubting, questioning and trying to figure out how.
Begin with taking responsibility for where you find yourself today.
Forgive your self for judging your “on and off the path” life choices.
Respect your creativity.
If you want to change your path, simply forgive and choose again.
Look for how God has used your whole life, mistakes and all for Good.
Then co-create your life for the Highest Good of All.
Let the Universe align with your choice to serve the Greater Good, which always supports everyone, even if they do not agree.
Holy Spirit directs us so that no one loses.....
Yes, most may resist and some may stay behind, but that is their choice, not yours.
It is time to totally support your freedom and trust your choices.
Listen to the Voice for God. Listen to the Joy within.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Some obvious and not so obvious truths about vision fulfillment.

Forgive yourself for waiting, delaying and distracting yourself.
Take responsibility for how you have created your life until now.
Give yourself permission to simply let go of it all and choose again.
“From the field of infinite possibility, what do you choose for the good of all?”
The ask God and yourself, how and where can I begin? What is my first step.
You are called to not make up what others will think or say or do.
Your call is to share your joy and trust in right outcome.