Thursday, August 12, 2004

Why Are We Here?

Lessons to Learn.
Opportunities to Create.
Past Experiences to Heal.
To Clarify What is Real.
To Love and be Loved.
To Fully Appreciate All Creation.
To Experience More of Ourselves.
To Finally Trust in God.
To Help One Another.
To More Fully Discover.
To Be All We Are.
To Shine Like the Stars.

So Much To Do and so Little Time.
Or is there only One thing to do…to undo what is untrue.

You know many see this as an illusion, a temporary learning experience, like a dream.
And many see this as a karmic setup for to makeup for what is not yet learned.
And some see life as a gift from the Creator to fully enjoy the fruits of our labor.
And some suffer much, as though we are in our own self made hell.

Ask yourself , Why are you here?”
Then recognize that your life is probably much as you believe it to be.
What you look for, you see.
The fairy tales you believe in, neither correct nor real, are probably how you have perceived it.
Now it is your choices to rewrite your script.
Where you don’t like the dialogue, “Cut”.
Where you want to do the scene again, just have another “take”.
All “mis-takes” are simply opportunities for you to see what is not your first choice.
So be free and give your heart voice.,
Stop imagining that things must continue to be what they have been in the past.
It only lasts as long as you think it will.
Let go, give it up.
Be your own best friend and give yourself the life you seek.
What a gift to be able to revel what is real as you undo what is not true for You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue