Friday, August 13, 2004

Judge Not

The less you criticize, the more you learn.
Judgment closes your mind.
Every problem or mistake is an opportunity to learn.
When we are critical, defensive or just plain upset, awareness is diminished.

When we resist, react, deny, avoid, we are limiting the chances to choose again.
By shutting down our perception, we only see what we believe is there.
By fighting to be right, we cannot view the whole picture.
By “making up our mind” we limit what our mind is open to see.

Life’s experience are meant to broaden our knowledge, expand our viewpoint and become more tolerant, accepting and understanding.
And yet, most adults use life’s bumps and twist and turns, as justification to become more defended, restrictive, intolerant and judgmental.

Through experience I have learned that when offering a safe open environment where the full truth can be told, I can always see from the other’s perspective.
I can find the silver lining or the healing opportunity.
I may be the object of another’s projected pain or anger.
I may provide the place of greatest forgiveness for their errors in judgment.
I may give the love needed to heal the misguided soul.
I may be the one who hears it all.
My work here is to judge nothing.
For in not judging, I am given the opportunity to heal all….

Loving you,
Betty Lue