Monday, July 26, 2004

True Responsibility

How do I respond with Love to what I am experiencing?
How do I choose to listen to the Voice within to know what to say?
How do I honor that place of Goodness in me to see what is real?
How do I encourage Spirit to lead the way rather than my ego?

Awareness is the first step to consciousness.
I must see and feel what is my current state.
I affirm: I am willing to see and know what is present now.

Acknowledgment of what I observe in myself and around me.
I must confess my responsibility in the experience I am having.
Affirmation: I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings, judgments and perceptions.

Allowance is third, as we forgive and undo what is not True.
I must let go of my judgments so that I might see what is real beneath the apparency.
Affirm: I forgive, release and erase my judgments, so I might see the call for Love.

Aha! is the place of stillness and quiet mind in which I hear the Voice for Love.
I must let go of filling my mind with fear and doubt, separation and lack.
Affirm: I now open to the call to Love God and Goodness with all my heart and mind.

Affirmation is the next step in which we affirm what we know to be for the Highest Good.
I must relinquish any call to attack and give 100% to what is healing and transformative.
Affirmation: I now affirm and create what is good and beautiful and holy.

Acceptance is the step in which we clear the obstacles to the awareness of the Presence of Love.
I must be open to receive all the Good I Am, the Love I have and the gift of Giving in me.
Affirm: I wholly accept the Goodness, Love and Beauty that is given through me.

Appreciation is the fulfillment of my responsibility to respond with Love.
I must fully appreciate and enjoy the blessings and miracles of giving the Love I Am.
Affirm: I totally appreciate the Love I Am, the Love I give, and the Love I receive.

In this and all that comes from Love, I am truly responsible and fulfill the calling of my heart.
I am part of the Divine Plan,as Loves returns to my awareness.
As I fulfill my part, I experience the wholeness and holiness of God’s plan through me.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue