Saturday, July 31, 2004

Give Voice….Share the Message

There is so much to share.
How do I dare say all I hear and know from within?
I write to me and to you, to remember what is Real and True.
Each one who comes and presents their problem, their fear
Inspires me to clear my mind, my hopeless thinking and remember…
The Truth….the Peace…the Way..

The message is always for the messenger.
And yet, so many do not hear their highest truths.
We often are busy giving them away before we have hear and follow our own wisdom.
Do you hear and know what you say and what it means?
If not how can it mean very much to anyone else?
And so I heed the words I write, the words I hear when I am still and listen.
And as I receive the words I remember what I have always known and remember still.
Be quiet and let go. Rise beyond your thoughts and see what is Real.
Let the energy of your emotion be calmed as you watch yourself return to the most powerful flow of life.

When we are upset we are victim of our judgments, drowning in our feelings, distracted by our need to survive, to conquer, to be right and make wrong, to maintain our best face, to win at all costs.
And sometimes our tantrums and rages have worked for us.
Sometimes our tears and our fears caused others to take heed and listen to us.
Sometimes we felt better in the release of the pent-up energy.
Sometimes the emotional puking and pooping cleansed our minds so we could feel alive again.
And sometimes other joined us in our sickness.
Sometimes people we love were hurt and rejected us.
Sometimes we were left alone to sulk and shiver in our own pain.
Sometimes we just lost all hope and wanted to die.
And so it is the feelings we name can cause us pain, as we lose hope and fight to regain our dignity.

When sick with emotion, find a private place…the bathroom or a quiet corner… a place to be alone with our little selves.
Rather than seeking agreement from an outside source, we can listen within to what we really want.
No one wants only to rage and express emotional pain.
Every one wants something to come from our antics, our passionate verbage and our angry demands.

Ask yourself: Listen profoundly and write what you hear.
What is the real reason for my upset?
What do I really want to feel, to think, to be, to share?
What am I willing to do to have the experience I want right now?

Upsets often have worked to distract us, to control others, to be right about what we believe, to engender fear, continue to detour and delay our real call to be happy and at peace.
What if we trusted peace will bring promise?
What if we trusted letting go will allow Wisdom to be let in?
What if we knew we are never alone, except when we look only without?
What if we rest in Love and protected our rest by loving?

What would our world look like if there were less drama and more peace?
We would be able to hear our child’s cry.
We would see the homeless man shiver.
We could feel the unuttered moan of the aged and frail.
We would know our body’s need for real nutrition.
We would honestly listen to the real call for comfort, support and reach out with love.
We would give from our heart.

Crying “wolf” must not distract what is real.
Let us listen and respond to the unanswered cries of those who need us at home.

Loving you now,
Betty Lue