Saturday, July 17, 2004


What is criticism?
How do we handle it?

This morning I awoke with the awareness that the world is made up of our judgments.
Where we judge we are stuck with our perceptions.
Where we forgive, the perceptions are transformed into Love.

Where I judge myself, I am stuck.
Where I forgive, I am free to choose again.

It is with judgments that we are designing our perception of our world.
It is with forgiveness that we erase our faulty picture and create what is Good.

When I am judged and criticized, attacked and blamed, I can feel hurt and offended.
If I feel hurt and offended, I either agree with the attack and create more pain.
Or I disagree with the attack and blame the other person.
Or I can forgive the mistaken judgment and free both myself and the other.

So when given a diagnosis, or when labeled or when seen as limited, we can choose to be hurt and take it personally or we can acknowledge, thanks for sharing that part of you and thanks for sharing what you see in me. I am willing to forgive, release and undo it all for both of us and set us free.

To free the world of judgment and attack, forgive it all.
To let go of what we cannot understand for its insanity, forgive it all.

I value button-pushing because it shows me where I have buttons.
When I get upset, I know I have buttons.
While I can cast blame on the button pusher or feel guilty for those I still have,
My buttons are my responsibility to clear.
When I have truly forgiven, I am neutral.
When I am neutral, I am free.
When I am at peace, I am not upset.
When I am enjoying my life, I am creating, the good, the beautiful and the holy.
I value the opportunity to remove my own buttons with my forgiveness tool.

Thank you Spirit for the simplicity of practical spiritual tools.
Loving you all,
Betty Lue