Tuesday, June 15, 2004

What is Real?

We are created to be creative.
We are created to be free.
When we are creative and free, remembering the Love we are, we create only Love.
When we judge our creations as right or wrong, we create the possibility of mis-creation.
This world is an experience in which we have projected our belief in good and evil.
The worldly experience is a temporary experience of complexity, judgment, and duality.
This worldly experience represents our belief in “not God”.
When we believe in what is “not Good” we see “not good.
When we judge things, we make what we judge real.
When we believe we are betrayed, we see betrayal and the possibility thereof.
When we believe in error, we perceive and create error.
This worldly experience is a screen on which we project our beliefs and mis-beliefs.
The world we see is a world of “apparency” or illusion, in which we interpret everything.
When we value our beliefs, we hold them in place to be re-created and seen again.
When we forgive our beliefs, we release our judgments and allow Light and Love into our minds.
When we condemn, we make real that which we condemn, like holding a prisoner hostage.
When we let go of fear, we allow love to cleanse, to heal, to erase what is not real.

Forgiveness is a tool to erase all mis-creations.
Forgiveness allows the release of misperceptions.
Forgiveness opens our minds to our creative potential.
Forgiveness frees us from our own self-made pain and condemnation.
Forgiveness is a key to freedom and to happiness.
Forgiveness is the mental cleanser which clears the obstacles to love.
Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves to free ourselves to choose again.

Consider beginning each day writing and saying 30 forgivenesses daily to free your mind.
Consider then writing and speaking 30 choices to create with God for Good.
Consider ending your day with 30 gratitudes to celebrate the beauty and bounty of your co-creation.
Consider the possibility that this is all life is for---to remove all obstacles to the freedom to create.
Consider the magnificent and abundant joy that we will know when we only create for the Good of All.

Creating this day with the Love of God,
Betty Lue