Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Too Good to Be True

Bad things happen to Good people.
Yes, I have been lied to, cheated, and stolen from.
Yes, I have been attacked, criticized, and hurt.
Yes, I have been used, betrayed and rejected.
Yes, I have been blind-sided and derailed.
Yes, I have experienced infidelity, abuse and disrespect.
Yes, I have known bankruptcy, divorce, and violence.
Yes, I have known guilt, fear, worry and depression.
Yes, I have made mistakes, and committed what some call sin.
(I do not linger in any of these experiences. Judgment gets us stuck and forgiveness sets us free.)

Yes, I am glad to have known these and other states of human experience.
It is not only possible but predictable that in this world of learning, we all will have an opportunity to experience life as a human experience.
There are negative and positive experiences in a duality.
Here we can learn from both the bad and the good.
My holy work is to forgive my judgments and perceive the gift of learning or unlearning.
Often my holy work has been to remove my judgment from the experience and simply perceive what is. When seen without judgment, life offers me opportunities to love no matter what or to fear and reject some things and some people and to embrace and attract some events and some people. I believe that what life gives us is a series of wakeup calls, choices of how we choose to live and give and express and create. I constantly am in process choosing not to lose my way, but rather to reaffirm the path of Love I have chosen. I constantly reaffirm that this is a learning lab in which I am not a victim of the world I see, but rather an interactive creator of my experience. I have the power to co-create my perceptions, my response and my ultimate learning. I am aware that how I choose to perceive and respond have a powerful effect on those who are within my paradigm. If I am blaming, others feel guilty and may withdraw or become blaming. If I forgive erase and release, I offer the opportunity for the other to do the same. We all are given a blank canvas on which to begin again to create the life we want or we can constantly paint over the old perspective with a new version of the old story.

When things seem to go wrong, I ask these questions of myself.
Am I willing to stop, look and listen within?
How can I be response-able?
How can I respond with love?
What can I correct or change?
What can I learn from this?

I use my own mind as a tool to interpret, to clarify, to understand.
I use my attitude to affirm, accept and appreciate the value in all things.
I use my Essence the Love that I am to contribute the Good I know at all times.
I give the best I have. I teach the love I know. I forgive so that I can love unconditionally.
This brings me happiness and peace. This is the foundation from which I live and give and be.
This is good for me.

Loving you is loving me and sets us both free to be the Love we are.
Betty Lue