Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Confusion or Clarity

Recently I am noticing confusion and chaos, incompletion and incompetence.
Does this mean I am confused and chaotic, incomplete and incompetent?

Some would say, what you see is who you are.
I would say what you see is either a call for help or a gift of love and helpfulness.
I choose to be clear.
I choose to bring freedom and focus.
I choose to trust all will be well.
I choose to bring what I begin to completion in an orderly and respectful way.
I choose to give my very best and to invite the very best from those who are here to work with me.
I choose to work with those who are willing to give their very best.
I choose to let go with love when the best is not being served.
I choose to teach and give what I would learn and receive.

I must know what I want.
I must be able to imagine the highest outcome.
I must forgive and let go of all past limiting or negative experiences.
I must be clear in my communication.
I must ask for help from those who are willing and able to be helpful.
I must discern whether someone is capable and available to help me.
I must ask for and clarify the cost, the timing and the specifics both parties may be expecting to exchange.
I must be present and willing to tell the highest Truth I know.

To be clear and focused, I need to clear my mind, my body and my Spirit.
The colon is the physical place of hanging on to old guilt and resentment.
I need to clear my body. Water, pure food, lots of simple movement and fresh air to breathe.

I must clear my mind.
Wherever I have leftover guilt or resentment, I may be a victim of my sabotaging thoughts.
Wherever I am still telling old stories about past mistakes, I am likely to recreate the same mistake.
Wherever I am worrying, fearing or defending, I am living in the past and will invite more of the same.
I must forgive, erase and release what is not real and no longer present.
I must begin anew.

I must be focused spirituality.
I must be filled with joy and laughter, gratitude and love.
Wherever I reach out with love and trust, I will be met with love and trust…...unless the other individual is in need.
When I am interacting with someone who is not able to be present, in love and giving their best, I must reassess my request and serve rather than be served.
Often even after noticing a problem, we proceed or push ahead with our original plan rather than choosing again.
If I am clear about what it is I want to experience, I must be willing to give full attention to what is needed and wanted to receive the experience I have chosen.

I am learning how to stay clear in the midst of chaos and confusion.
I am clear that in relationship there is always more than one person’s clarity or confusion to consider.
I am clear that it is up to the most conscious one to choose again for the Highest Good.
Loving you in clarity and Truth.

Betty Lue