Monday, May 03, 2004

Good To Be With You Again

The last five days I have been participating and teaching at the CAMFT (CA Assn. of Marriage and Family Therapists) Conference in Los Angeles. I always look forward to returning to Spirit and you and Loving Reminders. It is good to be with you. I look forward to seeing who has responded with even a word or two. I am filled with gratitude when a life has been touched, a relationship healed, an insight shared, a goal achieved, a new direction embarked upon, a path made smoother by something I have the privilege of writing from inspirational wisdom. If I tell you, you will know how interconnected our lives really are.

When the world is happier, it happens one person at a time.
When the world becomes more peaceful, it occurs one relationship at a time.
All of us benefit whenever anyone is more whole.

Have you told yourself lately how much you appreciate your life?
Have you looked around and given thanks for the goodness you experience?
Have you honored those relationships in which you feel safe and loved and valued?
Have you given your very best to those places which receive your gifts most appreciatively?
Have you been grateful for this country in which you were born?
Have you remembered the blessings of your childhood and education?
Have you supported your parents old age with gratitude for what they gave rather than what was missing?
Have you fully enjoyed the food on your table rather than wished for steak or caviar?
Have you taken impeccable care of your home and your car because it is a privilege to have them?
Have you protected the earth and treated her beauty and bounty with respect?
Have you fully given credit to your ancestors: the inventors, pioneers, soldiers and even politicians?

Our influence and creative potential increases exponentially with gratitude.
The blessings we give are multiplied.
Within our love and warmth, Good grows.
My prayer is that everyone knows they matter to someone.
Your presence matters.
Your emotions and thoughts and words matter.
You are the sunshine in life.
With gratitude and loving attention freely given all of us would feel loved.’
When we feel loved, we tend to share the Love we feel.
Love grows and the world blossoms into a song of gratitude and joy.

I love YOU! You matter to me personally …and collectively.
These Loving Reminders are a personal gift to you….and to me….and to everyone.

Share your gratitude today with those around you.
Remind them how precious life is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue