Saturday, May 22, 2004

Creating a Better Future

Currently I am seeking to gather those who are inspired and called to co-vision and co-create neighborhood centers to fill a great need in many communities. If your community or church now has adequate support for those parents needing education and respite, those children needing after school care and help with homework, those families needing support in balancing their lifestyle, those seniors needing a place to belong and make a difference, those without families who need a friend and some fun, those in crisis needing a place to find help and support, then you do not need to consider a center in your community. For many, this is a time of crisis and concern for all people in how we can work and play, learn and teach, help and encourage, coach and mentor one another to create a better future for all.

If you are intrigued or have ideas and information which would be valuable, please connect with me. 800-919-2392 or by email.
I will begin interviews with individuals and group visioning and brainstorming this summer.
Thanks for joining me in visioning what is Good, and whole and Loving for All.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Vision: “Creating a Better Future for All”
Family Enrichment Centers

(or Family Reunion Centers or Good Neighbor Centers)
With Good Neighbor Policies
For all people…all ages, cultures, and faiths.

Facilitator/Co-Founder: (Seeking others)
Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D., MFT
I am primarily a Community Builder and Inspirational Teacher

Mission: To offer a safe positive place for young and old to experience education, inspiration, fellowship and service in every neighborhood.
Non-profit, organic growth.
Prototypes developed so can be replicated and franchised throughout US and beyond.
Creating extended family naturally.
Neighborhood centers by the people of the people and for the people.

Function: To facilitate community, to encourage individuals and families to come together,
to better relate and create to a better world.
Primarily a volunteer service and educational organization.
Utilize church and other non-profit facilities for modest rent and easy access
Hours when kids, seniors and families need assistance and are available (1-9PM)
Advisory board members and consultants: Key representatives from: Family Stress center, County Social Services, Mental Health, Senior Services, Child Protective Services, Volunteer Bureau, Caring Hands, Family of Women, Wellness Center, other successful non-profit community service orgs and churches.
Open to all who are willing to participate and contribute (time, money, and/or energy)
Affordable for all…..utilize contributions like AA or Family of Women, senior centers
Share space in churches or other non-profits or given space for center by business people
Cooperative with all programs now functioning effectively and successfully
Programs to support, augment and complement current community services.
Non-competitive. Solicit donations as needed. Funding through grants.
Rely on the contributions of co-creators and participants.
Function independently of governmental agencies.
Open to being supported by all.

Primary Programs:
Self Improvement and Healthy Relationships,
Recreation and Renewal
Creative Expression and Contribution
Leadership from Participants. Everyone willing is trained

Fun, safe, easy and effective for all.
Safe for Seniors
Cool for Kids.
Positive for Parents
Hopeful for Handicapped

Provide classes, workshops and support groups: (childcare provided)
Steps to Effective Living, Parenting, Relationships, Families, Career,
Parent Education
Relationship Healing
Coaching and mentoring
Touch for Health
Mastermind principles
Good Neighbor Policies
Tools for Success
Common Sense finances
Effective Communication
Values Clarification
Homework Clubs for kids
Mentoring/Coaching and Counseling
Self Esteem and Confidence Building
Self Image and Appearance
Life Purpose and Career
Home Enhancement
Holistic Tools for Staying Healthy
Family Nutrition
Habits for Highly Effective People
Habits for Highly Effective Families
Principle Centered Leadership
Balanced Lifestyle
Potluck suppers and pancake breakfasts
Recitals and concerts by kids and adults
Creativity nights with arts and crafts projects
Game nights with board games and cards available daily
Small lending library (tapes, videos and books)
Volunteer help with discount shopping, housing and majoy purchases.
Food pantry and clothing access.
Help seeking employment.
Kids receive mentoring and help with homework by seniors
Peer mediation training and support
Outdoor playground
Sponsorship for Abusive parents.
Counseling and coaching
Music and singing
All-Faith fellowship

Seeking effective community models:
Family for Women
Alcoholics Anonymous
Create underlying principles and guidelines
Organic development and growth in each center.
Easy access to neighborhoods.
Enlist church cooperation and pay minimal rent.
Safe place for all to be

Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation.
“Learning together to build a better world.”

Key Focus Areas:
Healing/Health Services
Holiday Celebrations

Focus on Education, Inspiration, support and Community
Child Care for Parent Education and Couples Enrichment