Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Are Emotions Based on Assumptions?

May 11, 2004 Loving Reminders

Are Emotions Based on Truth or False Assumptions?

We project mistaken beliefs and make incorrect assumptions about what we perceive.
We see the world and everyone in it, according to our learned beliefs and judgments of past experiences.
We perceive through filters of our own making rather than seeing what really is.
In order to know, I must be willing to listen deeply and look beneath the apparency.
Even then, another cannot share with me what they themselves have not uncovered within.
Motivations, intentions, unexpressed thoughts and camouflaged feelings are not known, unless revealed with safety and respect. To freely share we must feel respected, accepted and safe.
Our feelings about our misperceptions are distorted by our assumptions and beliefs.
We often accommodate what we see or experience to fit with our current mindset, so we don’t find ourselves wrong or confused or reconsidering our position.

Feelings are often based on mistaken beliefs and faulty assumptions.
Tears can be due to grief and sorrow, anger and frustration, admiration and love, joy and delight, fear and pain, or just something burning in our eyes. We project onto the one we see “crying” our own reasons for their tears, based on our limited thinking, experiences, assumptions and beliefs.

Consider that your negative or painful emotions may be entirely due to a fearful, sad and judged perception of what you perceive. Imagine that the thoughts you hold in your own mind determine how you feel about and experience your life.

“This is awful and I hate it.” yields totally different emotions than “This is healing and I respect it.”
When you have judged and feel the negative feelings, consider forgiving your judgment and see what you feel. When you make someone wrong, notice how you feel about them.
When you have forgiven your judgment and returned to love and respect, notice how your then feel.
Most of us are not seeing what is, but rather relying on our interpretation of what we see.
Consider seeing everything with the eyes of love and notice the surprises and miracles that seem to come.

If our emotions are the result of our assumptions and beliefs, then our emotions witll change with different assumptions and beliefs. Thus we are at choice about how we feel.

What is real? What is projection?
What is true? What is the result of mistaken assumptions?

Loving you, Betty Lue

Experiment, explore and discover for yourself.
Share with me your experiences.
Notice what changes your emotions.
Energy in motion is meant to be flowing.
The moment we label, judge, name or make wrong, we get stuck with our emotional experience. When we simply allow what is to flow through, as we breathe fully and freely, we notice that the emotions change faster than the weather, depending on our thoughts or thought-free state.