Sunday, May 09, 2004

All Are Mothers

Blessed Mother’s Day.
Time to Love and time to pray, “Thank God for Mother’s!”
Without mothers, know or unknown, loving or not, we would not be here.

What is a Mother?
Someone willing to receive the seed of creation within the womb of their soul .
Someone willing to hold the space within, where new life can grow.
Someone open to new possibilities, miracles of faith.
Someone believing enough in the unseen to allow it to unfold.
Someone for whom all life matters.
Someone willing to experience the labor of creation and manifestation.
Someone willing to give time to nurture and provide from their own being.
Someone who is present in body, mind and Spirit to attend to what is unseen.

Where we have imagined and have given our energy to fulfilling our dream, we have been a mother.
Where we have nurtured and believed in another’s potential, we have been a mother.
Where we have provided for others by giving warmth and light, we have been a mother.
Where we have healed with our loving touch and soothing words, we have been a mother.
Where we have provided from the bounty of wisdom and resources within, we have mothered.
Where we have patiently waited and watched with faith and trust in the process, we have been a mother.
Where we have prayed silently and affirmed aloud, we have been a mother.
Where we have loved another and given to the other without regard for ourselves, we have mothered.

So often we see MOTHER, as a female human who gives birth through her body.
Yet, being a Holy Mother is a product of Spirit, giving life to another through our Faith and our Love.

I see You.
I know You.
I love You.
I am seen.
I am known.
I am loved by You.
As I love You, I can love Me, being Loved by You.
As one We come to God. (Song lyrics written by Robert)

Within each one of us is the Mother and the Child.
Within each one of us is the spark of Divinity, the Seed of Infinite Possibility of All That Is Good and Whole and Beautiful. Our work, both within and without, is to provide warmth and light, nurturance and faith, to bring this Seed of Love into Fullness of Expression.

Holy Mother reminds you: “Love your Whole and Holy Self into Being.”

I Am Loving You as Holy Mother and as Holy Child,
Betty Lue