Thursday, April 15, 2004

Relinquish the Desire to be Special

True Love comes when we give up the need to be special.
Inner peace comes when we give up the need to be special.
Freedom comes when we give up the need to be special.
Natural joy comes when we give up the need to be special.
Total security comes when we give up the need to be special.

The need to be special to someone distracts us and sets judgment in motion.
The need to earn something special causes us to compare with others.
The need to have something special causes us to envy what others have.
The need to do something special causes us to try hard to be the best.

Being loved specially often becomes the source of disillusionment, distraction and dependence.
When we are being made special, we feel attached and even addicted to the source of our specialness.
When the source of our specialness leaves or changes their mind , we often feel unloved, loss, anger and self doubt.
When we love another specially and we doubt our choice, pass judgment on their specialness, question their value in our life, they may feel rejected, forsaken, abandoned, betrayed, depressed and even suicidal.
Humans change their minds and their emotions for rational and irrational reasons.
Parents, partners, friends and employers offer special “rewards” and special “punishments” based on nothing more than whim or will, emotion or manipulation usually to get what they want. It is foolish to base our loveability on others loving us specially.
Being loved for doing nothing and being nothing makes no sense and is often rejected by those who only know special love.

When we know we are loved equally, we set ourselves free to be.
Freedom from fear and criticism comes from loving everyone equally.
Freedom from doubt and insecurity comes when we give our best to everyone.
Freedom to create and enjoy life comes when we extend our unconditional acceptance to those who come our way.
Love is not special.
It is the creative force in the universe.
It is available to all equally, but accepted and experienced only according to our willingness to relinquish our self doubt, judgment and fear.

When we love everyone equally, we are truly free.

Loving you and me, for I want us to be free.
Betty Lue