Sunday, April 18, 2004

I Have a Dream

What I know within is Reality.
What I see in this world is a dream.

I choose to live in the happy dream I create with my thoughts, words and activities.
What I dream of is a place for all of us to feel safe and warm and loved.
I dream of a place where we all experience more light in our minds, our hearts and our lives.
I see a space where young and old, rich and poor, can discover their wholeness and goodness together.
I know this place of learning, healing, spiritual growth and awakening because I co-create this space.
Every center, every contact, every appointment, every phone call is this place, a holy moment.
When I give, what I dream of, when I share what I know, when I invite you into my heart, I am creating.
I have a dream that all of us awaken to the creative potential within.
I have a dream that we all share the Highest we know.
I have a dream that we all recognize the Wholeness within.
I have a dream that we all listen with an open mind and accepting heart.
I have a dream that we all care for one another with compassion and encouragement.
I have a dream that we all are at peace and open to fully understand.
I have a dream that we are all free to be uniquely ourselves.
I have a dream that we enjoy life each day.
I have a dream that the goodness and beauty and wholeness we share is extended to everyone everywhere.

And Yes, I am ready and willing to join with you to make this dream come true.
And Yes, I say to those of you who want to create a space, a storefront or office, where all are welcome.
And Yes, to those who would join with me to counsel and teach and touch with Love and Faith and Joy.
And Yes, to You who have a dream you are called to bring to fruition to serve the Good of All.

Children and seniors talking and playing games together, feeling loved and valued.
Teens discussing politics and values, peer counseling and academic support for one another.
A place to join in preparation and sharing of meals and ideas. Family Fun Night.
A time to sing and laugh, to love and learn together. Stories and talent freely shared.
A place where parents receive education and support for talking with and teaching their kids.
A place where kids receive help in how to build a better family life for everyone.
A place where everyone learns effective life strategies for more fulfillment, happiness and health.
A Place to gather inspiration and information on how to improve the quality of life.
Classes on relationships, finances, home enhancement, creativity, communication, spiritual growth.

I see a franchise, with centers across this nation and around the world, simple and free from insurance and financial concerns, the best leadership and support volunteering their energy or receiving love offerings. Everyone in partnership, providers and clients all encouraged to share the best they have in time, materials and goods. People learning that the best way to grow is by giving. Modeling and mentoring, coaching and counseling, training and teaching, loving and growing together with respect, responsibility and cooperation.

If you see a need.. .
If you are joined with me…
If you want a way to begin…
If you would like my help in strategic planning, mentoring or coaching with you dream...
If you are ready to actually put this place together her and now, call or email me and let us begin.
I am ready! Are you?

Betty Lue