Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Abundance Mentality

One of the characteristics of a Teacher of God (ACIM) is generosity.
Stephen Covey says, One of the three primary characteristics of a successful person is abundance mentality.
Abundance mentality is knowing there is plenty for everyone.

To be generous is to come from the joy of giving.
To be generous is to give freely and unconditionally.
To be generous is to always have enough to share.
To be generous is to know it all is a gift from and to God.
To be generous is to give all to all to have all.
To be generous is to give the very best without withhold.
To be generous is to seek nothing in return.
To be generous is to respond to every request with YES.
To be generous is to know there is enough for everyone.
To be generous is to always be grateful for your Source and resources.

I have never been poor. ( And I have lived with no and minimal income many times.)
I have never needed to say NO to another’s need.
I have never denied a brother love or counseling, healing, food or lodging.
When I am asked, I can say “YES” as I am guided.
I say “Yes” to what is for the Highest Good of all parties.

And I have received food stamps, when there was no income for those living in my household.
Eight came from different places, most seriously ill for alternative treatment in the mountains of North Carolina.
In 1986 Spirit directed us to go there for me to let go (die to my old self), relinquish my identity and take a healing sabbattical.
There was no income for those 10 months.
People seemed to hear about us and arrive to be fed and housed during a time of physical, mental and spiritual healing.
I grew wheat grass, prepared raw food diets and studied many holistic healing arts with my partner Robert, a magnificent healer.
We lived on my good credit and later food stamps as none of our housemates had income.
We gave in the community, offered counseling and workshops for those called to us, supported local spiritual teachers, and freely gave all we knew and all we had.

Robert worked everyday in executive benefit sales (his profession for many years) with no financial results.
Just four days before moving back to the West coast, one of his many contacts made a company purchase which paid for our move to NC, our expenses while there and our move back to CA.
You could say it was a miracle. Or you could say Spirit paid us for our faith and generosity.

I know Giving is the source of life energy and health and happiness.
Giving is the greatest gift of all.
Giving bring the giver the reward of what they give.
Giving teaches all to give that we might live in a world of giving Spirit, sharing the best of what God has given.

Generosity pays. Give freely.
Betty Lue