Friday, March 12, 2004

What to Expect

Expectations may cause sorrow, disappointment and frustration.

When we are conscious and connected, we can expect a consistent experience of kindness, honesty,
fairness, joy, openness, willingness, curiosity, respect, gratitude, acceptance, and inner peace.
When others are connected with Spirit we can expect the same thing.
However, most people think they are human, limited, separate, lacking, limited and disconnected.
They have forgotten their source, their inheritance, their Creator, their inner Guidance system.
Most people are lost, confused, conflicted, fearful, and often despairing.
They are seeking to either conform and blend in with others or numb their fear and pain with addictions (including TV, computer, sugar, fantasy and the usual popular addictive substances). Those who are caught in the illusion of their own confusion and made-up world often are agitated, manic, depressed, in pain, sick, deceitful. They often make and break their agreements, have ideas but don’t follow through, try to “get” what they want , but neglect to give what they have, , hate and blame themselves and others, and fall into lethargy and depression.
The signs and symptoms of those who are having a human experience are easy to spot in ourselves and others.

Those having a spiritual experience, those who are connected with God, within are also obvious.
The conscious and awakened ones are filled with joy, energy and enthusiasm.
They have creative ideas and share them freely with those who are receptive.
They seek to participate, to co-create, to partner with others.
They are at peace with themselves and their lives.
They live what they believe, and listen within to their inner authority.
They are trusting and freeing of themselves and others.
They enjoy the adventure of life and don’t get caught in judging “what happened?” with “who did it?” and “why did it happen?”
They love unconditionally without quitting on themselves.
They give for the sheer joy of giving the best they have.
They are both inspired and inspiring, filled with vision and ideas for collective fulfillment and loving community.

Two different worlds the conscious and unconscious live in.
Two different views from a loving person and a fearful person.
Two different energies with someone who is awake and one who sleeps.
Two different directions from someone who is clear and focused and one who is confused and lost.
Two different lifestyles from one who is committed to giving and one who is trying to survive.

I cannot expect another to be awake just because I Am.
I cannot expect another to be thinking, feeling and acting in love when they are afraid.
I cannot expect another to be giving their best when they have forgotten their Source and themselves.
I cannot expect another to be living with energy and enthusiasm, when they are running on empty.
My expectations may cause disappointment and frustration in me and guilt and resentment in them.

I can only stay connected and on purpose.
I can be awake and in love.
I can be filled with joy and enthusiasm.
I can remember my Source and stay connected.
I can be kind and generous.
I can forgive myself easily and quickly when I forget.
I can be a living loving reminder.
I can remember that the spiritual journey for everyone is unique and is their responsibility.

I am, therefore, I can.
I can therefore I Am.
Betty Lue