Monday, March 29, 2004


What are we waiting for?
Often I see that we physically gather weight as we wait. We seem to collect and hold energy in many forms when we are waiting for a place and time to express, experience and create. And likewise when we are freely expressing, experiencing and creating from our inner vision, our bodies slim down to ideal size and shape, our minds are clear and focused, our Spirit’s are light and free and our finances are flowing and provide us with what is needed.

Our soul demands that we “begin with faith”. We are called to step out with willingness and courage, to live our dream with certainty that all things will come as they are needed. What we conceive and believe, we can achieve. The only mistake we make is when we forget to love with all our heart and mind and soul. Life offers many opportunities to let fear convince us otherwise. We are distracted, detoured and delayed by finances, research, opinions, health and family issues, practicalities, historical failures and self doubt. Yet none of this is real when we allow our spiritual vision to lead us by the heart. Give your hand to God and let Love lead the way.

What is your vision?
What do you see in your heart, yet have waited for time, money, support or associates to act on?
What inspiration have you been given that you still are saving for a special revelation to admit?
What longing and inner calling do you feel that you are afraid to make real?
What failure and self doubt have you allowed to hold you back?

There is no greater Joy than allowing your innocent faith in Divine Inspiration to lead you.
There is no greater Peace than trusting in Divine Abundance to provide for you.
There is no greater Power than giving your life purpose and direction to God.
There is no great Love than offering your life and all you possess to Spirit.

In this there is total Freedom. In this we know God.

Why wait for heaven? Listen within and choose the “high” way with your eyes on the way.
Whenever you are not happy, peaceful and in love, you have lost the highway.
Forgive and choose again.

I am willing.
Betty Lue