Saturday, March 27, 2004

True Partnership

True Partnership is always giving the best you have to each one with whom you partner.

Are you giving your very best to yourself everyday in all ways?
Are you giving your very best Self to your Creator and All-loving Source?
Are you giving the very best of yourself to your employer and co-workers?
Are you giving your very best Self to your family and mate?
Are you giving your very best to your world and those you meet along the way?

True Partnership is the call for interdependence.
True partnership does not withhold, or evaluate its giving.
True partnership gives all to all to have all.
True partnership experiences no guilt nor blame.
True partnership takes total responsibility for the quality of the relationship.
True partnership does not judge, compare or quit.
True partnership is honest and open, defenseless and forgiving.
True partnership creates a safe place for the others to be their best.
True partnership is willing to be present, aware and authentic.
True partnership is the call for holy relationship and sacred living.

Dependent relationships usually lean on employer, government, parents to give more.
Dependent relationships are based on the belief that there is inequity and one has more.
Dependent relationships foster more dependence to perpetuate the security of both.
Dependent relationships have their place when we are incapacitated or unable to care for ourselves.

Independent relationships are dependent on oneself for sustenance and support.
Independent relationships allow for competition and comparison for motivation.
Independent relationships foster self-sufficiency, confidence and strength of conviction.
Independent relationships have their place as we grow toward true community or interdependence.

Are you ready for true partnership?
If so, give all you have to each one you encounter.
Teach others by living what you want to give and have.
When others lean on you, show them what they can do.
Foster independence in those who are dependent.
Call for partnership from those who have mastered self-sufficiency.

True communion and community arise from partnership.
We build heaven on earth with authentic realization of our interdependence.
Nations and families heal when their people come together with love, respect and contribution.
Institutions and businesses prosper when all join and work together for a common goal.
Individuals find spiritual vision, faith, compassion, and commitment in their partnership with God.

Your true partner,
Betty Lue