Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy wearing of the green!

Use this and any excuse to have fun and remember Love.
Green and blue primary colors of this planet Earth.
Colors of the heart chakra and the throat chakra
Remind us to extend Love with every thought, word and deed.

Only Love is Real. Everything else illusion.
This world is a teaching device to bring us home to ourselves and our Source.
This world is a laboratory in which to explore what works.
This world is a canvas on which to create beauty and goodness and wholeness.
This world is a reflection of what lives within our own heart and minds.
This world is a stage with all of us players in a soul guided drama.
Tragedy or comedy? We choose how we judge and resist or let go and flow.
This world is a university in which we all graduate when we are complete.
This world is a job in which we each have our own valuable work to do.
This world is a playground on which we can freely express our joy and creativity.
This world is a test in which we constantly practice and strengthen our life skills.

Whether we succeed or fail is a result only of our perception.
Reward or punishment? Blessing or curse simply depends on our response.
Everyone succeeds in the end. Everyone graduates. This is a failsafe universe.
We all are loved and blessed no matter what. We our essence cannot harm or be harmed.
Trust in this and we live in peace.

Our inner guidance system, our spiritual mentor, our teacher and coach is always present.
We often stop listening within to the Voice that is with us throughout the illusion of time.
We often discount and dismiss our intuitive notions, the gentles urging of Spirit.
We often forsake and forget our True Selves and our Source.
We often choose to follow the path of ego and live in human struggle and strife.
We often tune out the inner knowing and tune into outer authority.
Only then do the lessons become stronger.
When we will not heed a whisper, we may be urged with a shout.
When we ignore the shout, we may experience a strong jolt.
The wakeup calls simply become more obvious, until we cannot fail to notice.

The world we see is in crisis only because its people have failed to listen.
The world we see is struggling with violence and war only because we have failed to respect Peace.
The world we live in is hungry only because we have failed to love our neighbors as ourselves.
The world we live in has disease and poverty only because we choose to live in the stress of striving.
The world we see invites us to forgive our neighbors and ourselves and extend Love to All.
Life is teaching us. The more willing and open we are to learn, the easier the lessons.
The more close-minded and suspicious we are the more obvious the lessons.

Love God and Good with all our heart and we experience the Good in everything.
Love our brothers as ourselves and we realize our brother is our Self.

Human life is an awesome opportunity to wakeup and undo what is not true.
Worldly experience is a miraculous place in which to be wholly present to know the Presence of God.

Enjoy the moment, for in it lies everything good and whole and beautiful for YOU!
Betty Lue