Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Gratitude and Service

Being here to experience the wonders of life is a great blessing.
Being awake and willing to listen within is a great joy.
Being able to teach and offer healing opportunities to others is a gift.
Being alive and sharing the good news of forgiveness and Love is an honor.
Being partnered with someone who loves and respects me is empowering.
Being present and fully connected with those who come my way is a privilege.
Being supported by hundreds who receive and practice these Loving Reminders is amazing.
Being Who I Am and Where I Am is a gift from God.

How could we feel gratitude and not serve others?
How could we wake up each day with joy in your heart and not give?
How could we accept the goodness and beauty of each day and not share it?
How could we breathe in this Abundant Love and not breathe out our profound gratitude?
You and I are blessed and it is our blessings that will awaken our sleeping human family.

With every thought you are teaching others.
With every word you are sharing your Love.
With every deed you are serving your brothers.
Life is for giving. And you are the Gift.

Each moment is a present.
Each relationship is precious.
Each interaction is healing.
Each opportunity is a blessing.

Every thanks is remembered.
Every smile is an awakening.
Every touch is a healing.
Just one blessing is enough.

Let us forgive the criticism, the missed opportunities, the fault-finding, the trying to get, rather than give.
Let us release the discourtesy, the rushing too fast, the unconsciousness and lack of gratitude.
Let us undo what was never true and give the best we have, instead of the leftovers.
Let us forget the unholy past and remember the blessings and joys.
Let us be fully present to recycle our memories with loving kindness, humor and thanks.
Let us take notice of what is calling for our love and faith and forgiveness, so we leave a mighty blessing.

It takes just one to change the world. You are that ONE.
Betty Lue