Sunday, February 22, 2004

Love Is Enough

How do you support yourself in remembering to Love?
How do you make time to Love You just as you are?
How do you actively demonstrate your Love for your “loved” ones?
How do you Love in times of stress, strife and struggle?

When I am remembering to Love,
I take time.
I slow down.
I appreciate.
I say blessings.
I affirm.
I value what is important.
I give my very best.
I meditate.
I read ageless wisdom.
I write with Spirit.
I fell blessed.
I reach out to others.
I take really good care of me.
I laugh more.
I let go easily.
I say “thanks” easily.
I am at peace.
I enjoy what is.
I don’t notice anything to complain about.
I create beauty and goodness.
I am connected to life.
I am grateful for the Love I know and see and Am.

I am remembering to Love as I remind You,
Betty Lue

When I am in Love, I see only Love.
This I choose today and everyday.
Blessed be to All.