Thursday, February 26, 2004

History Repeats Itself

How difficult must life be before you let it go?
How much do you suffer before you release it all?
How much hurt do you feel before you forgive?
How much pain do you hold before you relinquish?
How much regret and guilt do you know before you give it to God?

Your history follows you everywhere.
Wherever you remember the past, you relive it.
Where you retell the story, you recreate it.
Where you ask others to understand, you invite their agreement.
Where you use it to buy sympathy, you limit your choices.

You want to begin again …a clean slate and a new perspective!
But you believe you are stuck.
You judge this must be your “lot in life” or your bad luck or your karma or just a bad mistake.
You try to analyze, figure out, defend against, stay out of trouble, be safe and anonymous.
You may even be invisible and make no waves.
You may live without really living.
The excuses and explanations—aging, health problems, our childhood, the world is bad, people are stupid—don’t make us happy. They just become the story we tell ourselves.

History repeats itself only because we believe in the story.
What we believe, we see.
What we believe, we experience.
What we judge and fear, we get more of.
What we resist, hangs around.
What we focus on grows and strengthens.

The creative solution is to change our mind.
“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” (Romans)
See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.
Evil grows (the illusion of the absence of Love appears real) by naming it.

If we want our history, we have only to confirm it.
If we want something new, we must let it go.

Now is the time.
Only you can let it go.
Forgive yourself.
Erase the stories.
Stop seeking agreement and sympathy.
Let go of your pain and seek only to love again.

Dying daily to what was and being born again to what is, I am always and ever loving YOU,
Betty Lue