Saturday, February 28, 2004

Attend Your Sensitivity

“If you would grow to be your best self,
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not with holding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing and punishing.
For you are more sensitive than you know.
Mankind is tough as war,
Yet delicate as flowers.
We can endure agonies, but we open fully only to warmth and light.
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still.
So Accept,
Attend your sensitivity.
A flower cannot be opened with a hammer.”

This is a poem which I use as my theme for life coaching and counseling.
I believe it is a theme for all our relationships to support the blossoming of the garden of Goodness and Love on Earth.

We have an opportunity and sacred responsibility to begin with ourselves. Each one of us has sensitivity buried under layers of grief, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, criticism and fear. Those who persecute have been persecuted. People are casting off the clothing of the past on those they claim to love. Sometimes even acknowledging that they are preparing their children for the harshness of the world by teaching them to become tough and brave, defensive and armored.

Keeping ourselves in situations where we are re-wounded or insisting that our children stay with teachers who are angry and punitive, seems counter productive. If we want to live in a world of insensitive, disrespectful, fearful and violent people, we need to keep on encouraging toughness by supporting movies, video games, TV and other media which display attack or be attacked, kill or be killed, wage war to conquer evil and hate to fight hatred.

To be sensitive means to provide warmth and light.
To be sensitive to oneself means to end critical self talk.
To be sensitive means to look for the Good in everyone.
To be sensitive means to honor the gifts and blessing.
To be sensitive means to understand the needs of each person.
To be sensitive means to be forgiving.
To be sensitive means to be helpful.
To be sensitive means to to create optimum circumstances in life for each one to heal and grow and blossom.

Begin with attending your own sensitivity.
Give your self alone time. Give yourself appreciation. Give yourself respect.
Attend to your own needs first. Then you will realize the profound value to others.
Build a sensitive world one person at a time. Begin with YOU.

Loving You,
Betty Lue