Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Letting Go

Whenever there is stress, upset, uncertainty, crisis, disease, difficulty,
letting go is the fun, safe and easy way to return to the natural state of peace, love, joy and fulfillment.
Undo what is not true.
Release the blocks to certainty and confidence.
Erase the limiting patterns of behavior, thinking and speaking.
Clear the fear, worry, guilt and regret.
Forgive judgments.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Undoing is like taking a spiritual shower.
Wash away the limiting beliefs, the negative programming, historical perspectives.

The ego likes to be right.
The ego clings to its own prophecies and justifications.
The ego seeks to keep what is familiar in place.
The ego surrounds itself with examples and associations that support its position.
The ego tends to be stubborn and unchanging.
The ego trusts in what it sees and will not accept responsibility for its perceptions.
The ego creates a fortress for defending its agenda.

I now let go of letting my ego run the show.
I now easily and gently lay aside all that I have placed as obstacles on my path.
I now freely and easily love myself into wholeness.
I now release everything that is not wholly true and totally loving of me and All.
Letting go of excess pounds is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of any apparent illness is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of faulty beliefs is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of activities and associations that support my ego is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of any limiting history is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of my acquired things and achievements is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of allowing others emotions, neediness or limiting beliefs to control my choices is fun, safe and easy.

Wow! That was fun, safe and easy.
What anyone of us does is a gift for everyone of us.
Such is the Truth.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue