Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Within You

Within you lies everything that is true and whole and beautiful.
Within you is the wisdom of the sages and the music of the ages.
Within you is the gift of life, the healing of the past and the vision for our future.
Within you is the sun and moon and stars.
Within you lies a place of peace and eternal rest.
Within you is the enthusiasm and wonder of a child and the comfort and peace of our holy elders.
Within you is the forgiveness of all errors and the compassion of a saint.
Within you is the heart of God and the mind of Holy Spirit.
Within you is the prayer of Saint Francis and the affirmation of Emmett Fox.
Within you is the Power of Love and the Presence of Peace.
Within you lies everything Good and True and Holy, waiting to be born again anew.
Within You is All you seek.
Within You.

I Am within You.

May each day be one of holiness, healing and peace. You are a gift to me and to our world.
Betty Lue