Monday, December 22, 2003

Seeing With The Heart

So often we use our bodies eyes to see the imperfections and the pain in our world.
When we see through the filter of our mind, we judge what we see.
Our hair is too grey, our skin too pale, our food too fattening, our checking account too low, our kitchen too dirty, our friends too needy, our church too preachy, our world too violent, our government too fanatic, our schedule too busy, people too rude, etc.
When we see with our mind we evaluate, compare, perceive through past experiences, defend, have opinions and feel concern about ourselves and our lives.

When we see with our heart……….
We look at what is with Compassion and Kindness.
We are open and willing to Love and Appreciate.
We extend Love where there is lack.
We see Beauty within all creation.
We trust in the intrinsic Perfection.
We believe in the Highest Outcome.
We know we are in the right place at the right time to share the Love we are.
We see the Essence rather than the body.
We enjoy the Moment rather than compare or judge.
We seek Truth rather than opinions.
We extend Peace to chaos and give love to the fearful.
We are Messengers of Goodness and Mercy.
We are Bringers of Light and Enthusiasm.
We are Teachers of God and unconditional Love.
We are the Holy Ones, the Children of the One.
This is Our Holy Birthday and the time to remember Who Lives Within.

Listening to my heart,
Betty Lue